Founded in 1989, our expert office has become one of the leading engineering offices in the field of heliports and aerodromes. From its modest beginning as a small company, it has continuously developed its expert opinion services and taken on consultancy and development engineering work, expanding our range of services to include all areas associated with this professional field. By now, the company director and his team render expert opinions, appraisals and support for both heliports and aerodromes in Germany and abroad.

The company endeavors to offer only first-class services and practical solutions. For this purpose, our staff receives continuous training to optimize our already high quality standard and to bring our practical expertise up to speed. In order to do qualified and competent work and offer our clients a consultancy and support package that meets the individual needs of every single client we need to be familiar with practical requirements and have relevant experience.

Onshore, we support the operators of small and medium sized airfields as well as the operators of heliports, in particular hospitals, in all aerodrome-related matters, such as construction planning and supervision, developing and implementing concepts, preparing expert opinions or training staff.

Offshore, we make a contribution to develop modern renewable energy sources. In this context we deal with the implementation and safety of winching platforms on wind farms and helidecks on transformer platforms in offshore wind farms, we develop scenarios and solutions which are both innovative and practical.