Our broad range of services in the field of heliports are based on years of experience and competence.

Construction and Renovation

  • Feasibility studies, site analyses, preliminary examinations and specialist consultancy services
  • Preparation of site appraisals and suitability assessment reports and the necessary planning documents for approvals under Section 6 of the German Civil Aviation Act (LuftVG)
  • Expert opinions on conformance with existing guidelines
  • Construction site management, project control and optimization, and other services
    • Setting the timelines according to prior agreement with the client
    • Monitoring organization plans and schedules
    • Coordinating the participants involved in the project
    • Clarifying issues with the contractor
    • Ongoing information on the progress of the project and ensuring timely decisions by the client
    • External monitoring of the contractual services
    • External client representation
    • Continuous compliance checks of the building project regarding applicable regulations
  • Advice and support for handling the entire approval process
  • Preparation of the heliport-specific documentation in line with the permit, for example heliport manuals, rules governing the use of the heliport etc.
  • Preparation of renovation plans
  • Calculation of the energy efficiency of hangars, development and implementation of concepts to achieve energy savings (in collaboration with cooperation partners)
  • Appraisals of airfield construction projects and their impact on the local obstacle situation
  • Survey of obstacles and heliport-relevant objects (in collaboration with cooperation partners)
  • Preparation of expert opinions on noise (in collaboration with cooperation partners)
  • Task Resources Analysis (TRA)


  • Collection and filing of all heliport-specific data and documents, such as plans, approvals and permits, official requirements etc.
  • Listing and description in a helipad register for helicopter landing areas near hospitals

Special services for large and small-scale events, and incentive campaigns

  • Suitability assessment of the site intended to be used as a helicopter landing area
  • Advice on and involvement in the preparation of the terrain for the intended aeronautical activities (air shows, demonstrations, performances)
  • Flight operations management