Our engineering office is managed by one of the leading experts for heliports and aerodromes in Germany. Such a reputation is both an obligation and an incentive for us. Maintaining our high quality standard is of great importance to us and we optimize it through continuous training.

Thanks to our great commitment and our high level of competence we are active not only onshore but also offshore. Our professional know-how is based on a solid foundation of comprehensive engineering expertise and practical experience from more than 170 projects. This enables us to give a qualified opinion on the respective local situation and offer practical, tailor-made solutions. We offer competent and realistic planning, consultancy, analysis and support services, because we are also familiar with the practical aspects of aviation and know what is needed on-site.

Aviation is a highly sensitive area in the field of transportation and the safety of all persons involved is the top priority. Through our efforts, we strive to always ensure and continuously improve safety.